[Laufeyson] Loki // Marvel: War of Heroes

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some people draw fast and I ain’t one of ‘em

yeah… I know how you feel, man…


some people draw fast and I ain’t one of ‘em

yeah… I know how you feel, man…

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I thought this was leading to something deep…I wasn’t disappointed.

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Super quick paint n doodle between work:
Because rumor»> Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly Joins Assassin’s Creed Movie as Leonardo Da Vinci and i just can not stop my brain imagining things~ i really need to let it go.

PLEASE dont take this seriously, coz it was just for fun~:)

you can also see my Assassin!Fassbender concept, over»> HERE:D

omg omg omg I’ve heard about the rumor… but now you made me really excited!!! RDJ would be perfect  for this role! I can’t wait till this movie even more!!! > o <

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for righteous-man-and-a-fallen-angel, the second winner of my giveaway from like two months ago! she wanted something with ‘cute awkwardness’…well this is awkward at least, hope you enjoy!

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i’m doing a small print-set giveaway as a THANK YOU gift for the votes you gave me for my Contest entry~

(though i still need the votes until 3 October, U can still vote at the link banner below, thank u:)
ethsirt contest
And back to the topic, here’s the infos n rules of this giveaway:)

- U dont need to follow me but if u do, it would be awesome~
- Do not edit/erase the content text of this post
- The art printed in A3 size (11.69 x 16.53 inches), art paper, 250 gsm.
- Value of each print is around 35-40USD
- I’ve printed 2 sets of them
- 2 winners will be select randomly
- Reblog n like anytime u want, i dont care~
- Reblog/like on fake/contest account will not count.
- I will ship the print set worldwide
- This giveaway will be close on 6 October 2014
  and i will announce winner at 10 October~
- I dont sell print, so this is the only chance:)

Hope we can have some fun:D

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Crossroad Blues.


And then cameth Supernatural. And Kittrose became a fan.

Truth to be said, I never really watched SPN until some months ago, and I don’t know exactly why it took me so long. I had mentally put it into the “Ghost Whisperer&friends” category without further investigation, shame on me. I blame the cheap dubbed version airing here in Italy. But then, some friends and the beautiful fan artwork by *euclase convinced me to give this show a chance. A few episodes of season 1 and… ta-dah. Dean and Sam gained another fangirl.

Now, it’s definitely time for me to express my newfound mania in some figurative way. Which may be an exercise in futility, considering the amount of amazing SPN artists that are already there. But… I love this show. And when I realize I love something, the next logical thing for me to do is start drawing it. 

TECH STUFF: Photoshop CS3 + Tablet. If you manage to enlarge the second picture, you should be able to use it as a wallpaper. See also on Deviantart.

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